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Human Hair Headband wig is suitable for all women especially busy, nursing and pregnant women who dedicate less time for their wigs. It requires little or no maintenance, easy-to-style and ready-to-wear and gives comfort with adjustable strap and detachable headband providing you with the best natural look which differs in price with length, type, quality and Hair grades. As we all know, Curly hair are the most expensive in all Human Hair type, followed by wavy Hair and lastly straight Hair.

Headband Wig Definition

Hairbykikky Curly Headband Wig

A Headband Wig is a non-lace, no glue or sew in; it is human hair sewn on a soft cap and with attached headband which can be removed., giving you the audience to style your natural hair as desired while the wig goes on the back.
The Headband wig has some materials attached to it such as clips for fittings and adjustable straps for comfort and adjustment which is at the back of the cap. They are very soft and gives no room for headache, bald spot and itchiness. It comes in different hair textures, grades, types and inches or length.

Features of Headband Wig

1) No Lace nor Glue: It helps to protect your hairline from damaging and guides the skin. It saves customers time from cutting out excess lace.

2) Convenient to Wear & Style
: Headband Wigs are very attractive to the eyes and easy to wear and can create different styling methods for the front hair, the front natural hair can be weaved or gel and bring out baby hair to look like your real hair.
They are light weight and not heavy as other Wigs, can full the whole head as you prefer, with breathable quality which makes it suitable for all places such as gym or workout, holidays, vacations, school, homes, video meetings, and busy days.

3) Fashion and Trends: Headband Wig has been in existence before, but it’s now one of the latest trending wig presently, For your best quality, affordable and ready-to-wear headband Wigs

Hairbykikky Curly Headband Wig

Guidelines/ Tutorial on how to wear a Headband wig

1) Brush your Headband Wig: A comb or brush is needed to detangle the hair, while a wide-tooth comb should be used for Curly Headband wig. If your curls are smaller, then use a small comb. Brush gently starting from the tips/end then carefully find your way through the roots.

2) Style your natural Hair: Comb, brush and pack your hair into a ponytail with a band, then style your baby hair (front hair) by adding a white gel or edge control and allow to dry using a blow dryer. If you have a short hair, you can pack your hair like a centre ponytail. You can also weave your hair to the back or mid-way for different styling.

3) Fitting your Headband wig: Headband Wig comes with 2 clips, one in front and the other at the back which helps to keep the wig well-fit, then an adjustable straps which also secure the wig on the head.

Learn more about headband wig on our youtube video

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